Effect of Acrylic Acid Calcium and Rice Husk Ash mixture on the Behaviour of Cement


Fulan Wang;Qi Wang;Peng Song;Lei Tian;


<正>Effects of acrylic acid calcium and rice husk ash mixed on the behaviour of cement are investigated in this paper.A moderate amount of rice husk ash added to cement can reduce the alkalinity,make big holes into small holes,and densify slurry,thus enhancing the strength.Acrylic acid calcium,as a kind of organic additive,can reduce water cement ratio and improve the slurry density,then improve the compressive strength. Their mixture,to a certain extent,can better improve the performance of cement. The results indicate that the initial setting time is greatly affected by the mixture of acrylic acid calcium and rice husk ash,and the shortest initial selling time is 125 min, which is about one half of blank cement's initial setting time.But the final setting time is little affected,the final setting time of the experimental group with prime cement final setting time is about equal to 314 min.Calcium aery late in combination with rice husk ash has little effect on improving the early strength of cement paste,3-day strength of the experimental group is roughly equal to the prime strength of the cement,and the strength of them can reach 31 Mpa.However,the later strength is greatly improved,the 28-day highest strength is 88 Mpa,which improves by 33%compared with the blank sample.Appropriate amount acrylate and rice husk ash compound can improve the resistance to corrosion of cement.When the rice husk ash content is 10%and the calcium acrylate content is 1%,the highest of the corrosion resistance factor is 1.41 which increases by 41%compared with the blank sample. Originality In this article,the biggest bright spot is the rice husk ash and acrylic acid calcium mixed addition to the cement.They both have effects on the cement,but their mixture has effects on cement different from either of the two.Rice husk ash added alone into cement can improve the early strength of cement,but the early strength is not high.When the rice husk ash and acrylic acid calcium mixed into the cement,the early strength becomes higher.In the testing means,its compressive strength is inferred through the strength change tendency,and its durability is judged through the resistance to sulfate corrosion.


calcium acrylate;;rice husk ash;;compound;;compressive strength;;resistance to corrosion


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