Effect of Aggregate Gradation on the Properties of Porous Ecological Concrete


Xiaobo Yan;Chenchen Gong;Lingchao Lu;Shoude Wang;


<正>The effect of coarse aggregate gradation on the pore features and mechanical property of porous ecological concrete is the focus of this paper.Three different sized coarse aggregates were used for this study,namely 9.5-16mm,16-19mm and l9-26.5mm.The pore structure such as pore area fraction,effective pore size and pore distribution density are extracted using image analysis methods.Whereas the porosity of different graded coarse aggregates is determined using volumetric and pore area fraction. Results show that the smaller sized aggregates result in a decreasing of large-sized pores proportion,porosity and effective pore size,thus increasing the mechanical property significantly. Originality Stereology and mathematical morphology based methods are used to extract pore structure of porous ecological concrete.Pore area fraction,effective pore size and pore distribution density are obtained using image analysis methods.Aggregate gradation,by altering pore structure features,has an influence on the permeability coefficient of porous ecological concrete.The different aggregate sizes affected the permeability coefficient through changing the effective pore sizes rather than the porosity.The concrete mixtures made of small-sized aggregate yielded higher compressive strength than the mixtures made of large-sized aggregates.


Porous ecological concrete;;Coarse aggregate gradation;;Digital image processing;;Pore structure;;Permeability coefficient


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