Preparation of Geopolymer Materials Using Steel Slag and Fly Ash by Pouring Process


Fenghui Huang;Zonghui Zhou;Junhua Zhang;Xin Cheng;


<正>Geopolymers are alumino-silicate materials which represent the most promising green and eco-friendly alternative to ordinary Portland cement.In this study,the optimal technological parameters and curing condition to prepare geopolymer materials using steel slag and fly ash were investigated.The geopolymer samples were prepared by pouring process.Scanning electron microscope(SEM) imaging and X-ray diffraction (XRD) analysis were also performed to investigate the microstructure and phase composition of the geopolymer materials.The results show that the samples activated by the composite alkali-activator obtain the highest 28 days' compressive strength of 31.2MPa when they are prepared at 35%steel slag,55%fly ash and 5%dihydrate gypsum.The optimal curing condition is curing in air at room temperature and the samples' soundness is qualified. Originality In the present work,industrial waste such as steel slag and fly ash are utilted to produce geopolymer materials through the alkali-activated technology,and the aim of this paper is to discuss the optimal technological parameters and curing condition to prepare steel slag and fly ash-based geopolymer materials,which will provide a new approach to deal with industrial wastes.The experiment was carried out at room temperature or low temperature not undergoing high temperature kiln firing,which will reduce substantial quantity of green house gases emissions and is beneficial to energy saving and environment protecting.


steel slag;;fly ash;;geopolymer materials;;pouring process


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