The influence of calcined magnesia under different conditions on the performance of ash modified magnesium-phosphate cements


Yue Li;Jia Sun;


<正>Magnesia-phosphate cement(MPC) is a kind of new cementing material composed of magnesia(MgO) powders,phosphate and setting retarder and so on.In order to explore the influence of calcined magnesia,fly ash and boric acid retarder on the performance of magnesium-phosphate cements(MPC).original magnesia was calcined under different condition,which were mixed with fly ash and some retardes to prepare different MPC samples.The compressive strength of MPC was tested and its micro-strcture were tested by methods of XRD and SEM.The testing results show that the higher calcination temperature and the longer holding time of calcined magnesia, the higher compressive strength of MPC is.The compressive strength of MPC sample increases with the increase of fly ash contents.Boric acid will reduce the compactness and the compressive strength of MPC samples. Originality Magnesia-phosphate cement is a kind of new cementing material which can generate chemical reaction at room temperature.Compared with Portland cement,the advantages of MPC are fast setting and hardening,high early strength,high bonding strength,low shrinkage and high resistant of abrasion and freezing and so on.Therefore, magnesium phosphate cement has a good prospect of application in civil construction or construction of military facilities.Magnesia powders is an important raw material which affects the performances of MPC,but little specific research has done about the magnesia powders calcination temperature and holding time.Furthermore,the compressive strength of MPC samples will be enhanced when fly ash was added,but the accurate mixing amount and the mechanism of fly ash in the MPC still needs further studied.The addition amount of boric acid as a retarder is relatively small,however,the action mechanism of boric acid for the MPC hardening body is unclear.Aiming at above problem,some researches were done in this paper.


MPC;;fly ash;;calcinations;;performance;;microstructure mechanism


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