A Study on Early Hydration of Alkali-Activated Slag Cement


Juan;He;Tingshu He;Xuefeng Song;


<正>Early hydration of alkali-activated slag cement(AASC) is different from Portland cement.Effects of activator type,modulus of water glass(WG) and Na_2O equivalent on setting time of AASC were studied by analyzing hydration heat.The results show that with the increase of WG modulus(Ms),the first combined peak of slag grows lower and bigger diffusion;accelerated hydration peak appears later;induction period prolongs; cumulative hydration heat reduces and setting time extends gradually.When Na_2O equivalent increases,for WG-activated slag,the first peak and accelerated hydration peak appear earlier and higher,while induction period becomes shorter;setting time of paste is somewhat longer.Besides,for NaOH(NH)-activated slag,initial peak and accelerated hydration peak appear earlier and higher;setting time of paste is shorter. And cumulative hydration heat of both slag cements increase with the increase of Na_2O equivalent. Originality Early hydration characteristics of alkali-activated slag cement(AASC) was studied from setting time and hydration heat.Different activator has different heat evolution rate curve and cumulative hydration heat curve.So try to explain that compared with Portland cement,AASC set more quickly and early compressive strength progress higher.


alkali-activated slag cement;;activator;;hydration heat;;setting time


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