Modification of Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash


Lin Huo;Jun Li;ZhongyuanLu;ChanghuaHu;Wenqing Liu;


<正>The utilization of circulating fluidized bed combustion fly ash(CFCA) was constrained in the field of construction and building engineering because of its low activity and high expansibility.In the article,the bad properties of CFCA were modified by grinding and combination admixtures.The effective reaction contents were increased and the activity was improved.The hydration rate was accelerated and part of expansion energy was consumed in plastic stage,so the expansibility was controlled.Combination admixtures would stimulate the dissolution of anhydrite and was benefit for mutual activation. Moreover,the content of CFCA was reduced and the expansion ratio was corresponded with expansible components. Originality In this work,we studied two kinds of modification:modification of physical and combination admixtures.The article researched comprehensive characteristics of modified CFCA,and compared with the original one.The influence of modification on the characteristics of CFCA was analyzed in the view of micro and macroscopic.




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