Statistical Evaluation on Physical Performance of Concrete Containing Light Weight Aggregate


Hong Huang;Jiangzhong Yu;Bian Wang;Zhenzhong Tang;Jing Wan;Xianfeng Zheng;


<正>This study focuses on a statistical evaluation of mix proportion on the performance of light weight concrete by using the design of experiments.Results conclude w/c is the key factor that controls the performance of concrete both in slump and compressive strength. The increased sand ratio of light weight aggregate only improves the slump of concrete. In addition it shows there is a linear relationship between concrete strength and the dry density.And it's possible to predict the 28d dry density by determining the initial wet density of fresh mix.Statistical analysis shows the difference between wet and the 28d dry density is about 126 kg/m3.


Light weight concrete;;mix proportion;;strength;;wet/dry density


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