Investigation and Development of Lightweight Foam Concrete with Circulating Fluidized Bed Combustion Fly Ash


Xuemei Chen;Yun Yan;Zhihua Hu;


<正>Circulation fluidized bed combustion(CFBC)fly ash and Portland cement clinker were used as cementitious materials for developing foam concrete.It is a dominant that how the thickening rate of slurry fit in with the stable time of foam,so some aluminate cement and quicklime were added into the slurry.The effect of some manufacturing parameters, such as the dosage of aluminate cement,quicklime,and CFBC fly ash(CFA),the ratio of water to solid material(w/s),on the strength and bulk density of foamed concrete was investigated as well as the properties of the foamed concrete with CFA.The results indicate that the setting and hardening of slurry was accelerated with either quicklime or aluminate cement.The strength of the foamed concrete increased at first and then decreased with the increase of quicklime content,but decreased with aluminate cement in all used content.To improve the strength of the foamed concrete,the addition content of CFA should not be higher than 70%and w/s should be reduced as far as possible.The foamed concrete with compressive strength achieving 5.08 MPa and the bulk density of 538 kg/mi were prepared by means of adding 2%aluminate cement,8%quick quicklime, w/s is 0.3,and curing in the circumstance of 60 V for 24k The properties including thermal conductivity,shrinkage andfreeze-thaw cycles of the foamed concrete with CFA were tested Originality CFA is the discharged wastes which come from fluidized bed combustion boiler.It has properties of pozzolanic activity and self-hardening,which can self-harden without any additives.So it can be inferred that higher pozzolanic activity might be obtained than traditional fly ash,however,the application of CFA is not as well as traditional fly ash because of its irregular particles,higher water demand and expansion.Using CFA to prepare foam concrete is a new way to recycle CFA.Foam concrete can accommodate the expansion of CFA because of its porous structure,meanwhile,the shrinkage of foam concrete could be reduced.Besides,using CFA to produce foam concrete can not only reduce the cost,but also economize resources.


circulation fluidized bed combustion fly ashes;;foam concrete;;strength


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