New Cementitious Material—A System of C_2S-C_2A_xF_1-x Cement


Feilin Xie;Yun Yan;Zhihua Hu;Yang Lin;


<正>Pyrite cinder is the solid waste generated from the industrial manufacture of sulfuric acid.A new type of cementitious material was prepared by using pyrite cinder as raw materials instead of natural raw materials at 1280℃for 30min in the lab,the main mineral phases were C_2S(45-55%) and C_2AxFl-x(45-55%).The mechanical properties, mineral compositions and microstructure of the cement clinker were investigated using X-ray powder diffraction(XRD),scanning electron microscope(SEM),etc..The result showed that the content of C_2AxF1-x have an significantly influence on the compressive strength,which increases with C_2AxF1-x content increasing.The compressive strength, setting time and heat evolution of the cement were affected by the content of natural gypsum(NG).We founded that the compressive strength of the cement gradually decreases with NG content increasing at 3 days and increases at 28days and 56days, the optimal NG content is 20%.The final setting time of the cement without NG is less than 30 min while the setting time of the cement containing 20%NG is prolonged The effect of NG content on heat evolution is distinct at different hydration age.The main mineral phases of cements with different NG content was unhydrated C_2S and AFt. Originality In this work,we studied a new type of cement mainly consisting of two mineral phases, e.g.calcium ferroaluminates and belite utilizing an industrial by-product pyrite cinder. The new cement have high relative content of C_2AxF1-x(45-55%) and C2S(45-55%) compared with traditional cement due to a large amount of silica,alumina,and ferrous oxide in pyrite cinder.The firing temperature is lower compared with traditional cement and so far no one has done a similar scientific research.


Pyrite cindergjhgjh;;C_2A_xF_(1-x);;Mechanical properties;;Hydration


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