Influence of Magnesium Content on the Carbonation Properties of Calcium Hydroxide


Yong Li;Mingli Cao;Jun Chang;


<正>The effect of different magnesium content on the carbonation efficiency of calcium hydroxide and the carbonated conditions was investigated in this paper.The solid carbonation method has been used in this study.The results indicate that optimal conditions of carbonation are CO_2 concentration,gas pressure and carbonation time were 99.9%,0.3 MPa and 2 h,respectively.Under this conditions the CO_2 mass gain reached a maximum value(23.75%) and the carbonated products became smaller when Ca to Mg mole ratio was 5.The carbonation products have been measured by SEM, EDS,XRD and TGA/DSC.The carbonated reactivity of magnesium hydroxide was weak at low CO_2 pressure and temperature environments.Moreover,carbonation of pure magnesium hydroxide formed not only magnesium carbonate but also artinite (Mg_2CO_3(OH)_2·3H_2O). Originality This is a basic research about the carbonation mechanism of steel slag.Because of the steel slag contains a certain amount of magnesium so that some steel slag products have a poor soundness.In order to make full use of steel slag,the effect of different Ca to Mg mole ratios on the carbonation of calcium hydroxide and magnesium hydroxide mixtures which is the originality of this study.The result showed that the CO_2 mass gain degree reached the maximum when the Ca to Mg mole ratio was 5.


carbonation;;calcium hydroxide;;magnesium hydroxide;;CO_2 mass gain


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