Study on Steel Slag Reconstruction Experiment by Reduction FeOx and Its Mineral Composition


Hui Guo;Suhong Yin;Qijun Yu;Jiangxiong Wei;


<正>In this paper,the Liu and Bao steel slag were reconstructed by Reduction FeOx.Direct reduction and melting reduction experiment were respectively taken Methods such as XRD,SEM-BEI and so on were used to investigate the mineral composition of modified slag,and the activity index of modified slag was determinated by mortar strength testing method The results were as follows:First,iron oxide of the steel slag could be reduced into iron shot,with its size ranged from 1 to 50μm when direct reduction was used and the metallic iron particles were evenly distributed between various minerals.Second,the calcium ferrite phase,the manganolite,C_3S of Liu steel slag,C_2S of Bao steel slag decomposed in the process of modification,and the composition of calcium silicate phase after modification was dependent on the molar ratio of Ca/Si in the former steel slag.Third,RO phase was reduced into metallic iron and MgO,and the higher the percentage of iron element in the former steel slag,the larger the reduction ratio was. Moreover,the won oxide in the steel slag could be reduced into Fe by melting reduction as Fe separated with slag by gravity,and the degree of reduction almost reached 100%. Gehlenite,akermanite and dicalcium silicate were constituents of modified slag by furnace cooling of which was similar to the hard slag.And the content of vitreum in modifiedslag by water-granulating of Liu and Bao steel slag was respectively 97%and 73%of which was similar to the water-granulated slag.By reduction,the activity index of modified slag rose significantly.


steel slag reconstruction;;iron reduction;;mineral composition;;cementitious activity


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