Application of Waste Clay Brick as Substitute for Clay in the Manufacture of Recycled Cement


Hongmei Ai;Hongzheng Lu;Fang Yan;Lidong Han;Jingxun Kong;


<正>Using the waste clay brick(WCB) as siliceous materials to produce cement clinker.The heating temperature of raw materials ranged from 1250℃,1300℃,1350℃,1400℃to 1450℃,and the sintered time was kept in 30min.The final sintering temperature was determined on the percentage of free-lime(f-CaO),petrography and minerals components of clinker(petrographic analysis and XRD).The compressive strength of hydraulic cement paste and mortar at different ages were measured.The microstructure and products of hydrated cement paste were observed by means of scanning electron microscopy(SEM).The results have shown that the final sintering temperature is still 1450°C.The compressive strength of hydrated recycled cement paste and mortar was even up to 61.37 and 47.28 at 28d respectively.The product of hydraulic recycled cement paste,namely Ca(OH)_2,C-S-H and AFt,all be generated perfectively.WCB can be reused in ordinary Portland cement production. Originality The disposal route of WCB typically is dumped into landfills.However,it makes a loss of resources and lots of lands are swallowed In recent decades,many researchers have tri ed new methods about how to reuse WCB more effectively.Among all these methods,th e cementitious reusage of WCB can greatly increase the added value of recycled product s.At present,the Correlation Study mainly concentrate in two aspects:One ismaking W CB as cementitious materials to replace part of cement directly,another is mixing up W CB with cement clinkers to prepare ecological cement.The originality of this paper is us ing WCB as siliceous raw material to calcine cement clinker. By experiments,the burnability and minerals components of recycled clinker,microstruc ture of hydration products and hydraulic characteristics of recycled cement were invest igated Experiments showed that the use of WCB as clay substitute raw material to calc ine cement clinker is feasible in technology.The study will help to realize the high vol ue-added recycling of WCB and provide a new technical approach of looking for the sili con and aluminum alternative raw materials of cement industry.


waste clay brick;;clinker;;recycled cement;;hydration


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