Ground Limestone Filler as Mineral Admixture Substitute in Cement and Concrete


Hong Huang;Bian Wang;Jiangzhong Yu;Jing Wan;Xianfeng Zheng;


<正>The effect of two kinds of ground limestone fillers on workability and the strength development of cement and the concrete are studied It finds the blain and the dosage of limestone filler are the two key parameters to influence the performance of ementitious system.Compared with the fly ash,the fine limestone filler(blain> 600m~2g) favors the early strength of mortar but not sustains the strength development after 7 days.At the same time the increased blain or the addition of limestone impact the flawability.In C30 commercial concrete test it shows the addition of limestone filler tends to impair the workability over time.However this can be solved by the introduction of fly ash.The synthesis effect of limestone and the fly ash not only improves the workability of fresh mix,but also promotes the strength of concrete to a higher grade.Considering the economical benefit,the ground limestone filler is promising to be used as the mineral admixture substitute in cement and concrete.


Limestone filler;;workability;;Strength development;;Synthesis effect;;mineral admixture


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