Effect of Silica Fume Addition on the Physico-Mechanical Properies of Magnesia Cement Pastes Mixed by Seawater




<正>The main aims of this study to investigate the influences of silica fume addition on the physico-mechanical properties of magnesia cement pastes mixed by seawater.Four mixtures(M1,M2,M3 and M4) were prepared to make magnesium oxychloride cement pastes from magnesium oxide(MgO),sand dunes,silica fume(S.F.),and chemical additives using seawater instead of tap water in the mixing process.The mixtures(M1, M2,M3 and M4) were prepared by silica fume addition with(0,1,2,4%by wt.), respectively.The physico-mechanical properties were studied by determination of bulk density,water absorption and compressive strength of the hardened MOC specimens cured in air at the lab ambient conditions for 3,7,and 28 days.It was concluded that the compressive strengths decreased with the increase of silica fume content.


Sand dunes;;Silica Fume(S.F.);;Magnesium oxychloride cement;;Seawater;;Physico-mechanical properties


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