Rientation Relations between M3 Spuercell and Pseudohexagonal Subcell in Tricalcium Silicate Solid Solution


Huihua Min;Yunfei Liu;Jianmin Zhu;Yinong Lu;


<正>A M3 modification of tricalcium silicate(C_3S) solid solution was investigated using transmission electron microscopy(TEM).Selected area electron diffraction(SAED) patterns and high resolution transmission electron microscopy(HRTEM) images were analyzed based on a pseudohexagonal subcell with cell parameters of a=7.059 A, b=7.055 A,c=24.924A,a=89.79°,0=90.04°and y=120.14°.Reflections caused by the superstructure were proven to occur along the modulation wave vector(?) with one-dimensional type and could be expressed as ha* + kb* + lc*±m/6(-a* + b* + 7c*), where m =±1,±2 and±3.SAED patterns and HRTEM images based on the M3 supercell were simulated and finally the orientation relations between M3 supercell and pseudohexagonal subcell were established as follows:(600)_(M3),(020)_(M3) and(006)_(M3) were equivalent to(?),and(?) respectively,and[100]_(M3)//(?)_H, [010]_(M3)//(?)_h,and[001]_(M3)//(?) Furthermore,the conversion matrix between M3 supercell and pseudohexagonal subcell was established. Originality Up to now,the orientation relations between C_3S supercells and subecells were studied by some researchers and several conversion matrixes were proposed.They have made great progress,but the results were based on XRD data.so some structural details were easily to be ignored in analyzing,such as modulated structure.In this work,the modulated structures in M3 C_3S were discussed in detail via SAED and HRTEM,the SAED patterns and HRTEM images will be simulated by software to verify the corresponding experiment results.Finally the orientation relations between M3 supercell and psedohexagonal subecell will be discussed as well as the modulated mechanism.


tricalcium silicate;;modulated structure;;orientation relations;;transmission electron microscopy


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