Performance Research on the Gypsum Based High-strength Cementing Material with Undisturbed FGD gypsum


Dongyi Lei;Yi Zhang;Dongxu LI;


<正>Original untreated FGD gypsum was used to prepare a kind of Gypsum Based high-strength Cementing Material.Physical and chemical characteristics of Undisturbed FGD gypsum were analyzed,for example,chemical composition,Physical properties and particle morphology.Digestion time's influence on mechanical property of he Gypsum Based high-strength Cementing Material was investigated,Digestion time of 18h parameters was defined as preparation process.The mechanical property, durability(water resistance and frost resistance) and shrinkage property of the samples was tested.The results showed that the prepared material had a good mechanical property,water resistance and shrinkage property.Cementing material's reaction mechanism,hydration process and hydration products was analyzed with XRD,SEM. Originality This chapter analyzes the difference between FGD gypsum and natural gypsum particles about chemical composition,Physical property and particle morphology.Undisturbed FGD gypsum is used as raw material,slag and cement is used as the active admixture, ash calcium powder and water glass is used as the alkaline activator.In conditions of thermal curing,a kind of Gypsum Based high-strength Cementing Material was prepared.The mechanical property,durability(water resistance and frost resistance) and contractile property of the material was tested and analyzed.Influence of digestion time on properties of the material was researched.Gypsum based high-strength cementing material's hydration products and morphology was researched.Hydration mechanism of the gypsum-based cementing material was Investigated.A new approach was Provided for the effective utilization of undisturbed FGD gypsum.


FGD gypsum;;digestion time;;mechanical property;;morphology;;hydration products


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