Preparation and Properties of Cement-based Self-leveling Mortar


Shupeng Zhang;Dongxu LI;


<正>By selecting and compounding different cement it ious materials and chemical additives, two types of cement-based self-leveling floor mortar(SLM) with different binder systems were prepared The effects of cementation system and U-type expansive agent on the properties of SLM were studied;the hydrated products of different binder systems and micro-structures of hardened pastes were investigated by X-ray diffractometry(XRD), scanning electron microscopy(SEM) and other characterization methods.The results show that Portland cement(PC) dominated SLM made by mixing the surface area for 600m~2/kg Portland cement with Portland cement instead of other specific cement,which has better performances than that of Sulpho-aluminate cement(SC) dominated SLM.It has the following features:accelerating strengthening(compressive strength at a curing age of 1 day is over 20MPa and at 28 day is over 50MPa),low-shrinkage(size change rate at a curing age of 28 day is between -0.02%and 0.005%). Originality Mix the fine Portland cement with Portland cement instead of other special cement,in order to prepare a cement-based self-leveling mortar is an innovative point of this paper. This method not only can slow down the mortar the late shrinkage,but also can reduce the cost of self-leveling mortar.


cement-based self-leveling mortar;;ettringite;;fluidity;;strength;;shrinkage


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