Study On Characteristics And Durability Of Magnesium Phosphate Cement-Based Materials


Yi Zhang;Kai Liu;Haihe Yi;Dongxu Li;


<正>Magnesium phosphate cement-based materials(MPC) were prepared by mixing MgO (M),mono-potassium phosphate(P),and borax(B).with/without fly ash in this work. Durability aspects of MPC materials were investigated,by means of strength,weight loss.XRD and pore structure analysis.It also highlighted special considerations on detailed,micromesh,and newer theoretical analysis on mechanism of poor water resistance of MPC materials.Experimental results show that,MPC materials have steady development of long-term mechanical property throughout 180 days.The similar strength and weight loss of MPC materials suffered in water corrosion and sulfate corrosions represents its excellent resistance to chemical attacks.After 30 times of dry-wet cycles,residual strength of materials reaches to 72.1%at least.The strength of MPC cured in air exceed much more than those cured with high humidity,and harmful pores are more below,which indicate that,humid environment,especially water curing, are unfit for MPC-based materials.It has been proved that,fly ash can improved omnifaceted behaviors,including color,strength,and durability.Improvements of poor water resistance need further work. Originality In Chinese,there are still no field applications of MPC-based materials reported.One important reason is the lack of related research activities,and arising from which,the developers couldn 7 get any acquainted with magnesium phosphate cements and their characteristics.The present work describes research on the characteristics and durability of MPC materials,involves long-term strength,resistance to chemical attack, dry -wet cycles resistance,and mechanical properties under different curing conditions of MPC-based materials.Mechanisms of poor water resistance of MPC materials are also discussed.


Magnesium phosphate cement;;Fly ash;;Durability;;Water resistance;;Mechanism


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