Effect of Entering Air Direction on the Gas-Solid Two-Phase Flow in Precalciners


Guo Tao;Kao Hongtao;Chai Xiaodong;Huang Hua;Zhang Qiancheng;


<正>Numerical simulation of the gas-solid two-phase flow in DD,TDF and TSD precalciners are presented The fluid phase is expressed with RNG k-e two-equation model under Euler coordinate system,and the solid phase is expressed with particle stochastic trajectory model under Lagrange coordinate system.The results of numerical simulation were compared,which supplied useful information for the study and development of precalciner. Originality The influence of different entering air directions on the gas-solid two-phase flow in precalciner was discussed with the numerical simulation results based on RNG k-e double-equation model and particle stochastic trajectory model.And it has come to a conclusion that for the addition of the swirled pre-combustion chamber,the material disperses and gas-solid mixtures were the best in TSD precalciner.


precalciner;;gas-solid flow;;k-εmodel;;numerical simulation


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