A Study on Lithofacies Analysis of Clinker by Different Coal


Hua Huang;Hongtao Kao;Tao Guo;Xiaodong Chai;Qiancheng Zhang;


<正>Cement industry uses coal as fuel.The different qualities of coal make the difference between the qualities of cement.In recent years,many cement plants have used inferior coal to produce clinker.In this paper,two kinds of coal from two cement plants in southwest China were analyzed,one was anthracite coal,one was bituminous coal (proximate analysis of coal,heat output of coal and thermal analysis).Also,the clinker's lithofacies analysis was taken by reflective microscope.The results show that it is feasible that the cement plants use inferior coal to produce good quality clinker.If the cement plants use inferior coal as fuel,they should take the raw material,production process and equipments into account. Originality In order to reduce energy consumption during producing cement,in this article the energy consumption condition is researched from the different fuel The main method has been used in this article is the thermal analysis method coal bask parameter analysis.The different coal were carried on analysis,has obtained its combustion characteristic and the reaction kinetics condition.


lithofaciea analysis;;cement;;coal;;clinker


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