Crystal Structure and Hydration Characteristics of Tricalcium Silicate Doped with Copper Oxide


Lin Chen;Xiaodong Shen;Suhua Ma;Weiqiang Zhou;


<正>The research investigates various methods to identify copper oxide influences on the crystal structure and hydration properties of tricalcium silicate.The f-CaO content of the clinkers were analyzed by chemical analysis.The complex disordered superstructure of the tricalcium silicate has been studied by a joint X-ray diffraction(XRD),nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR) and transmission electron microscope(TEM).The results show that CuO exerts a remarkable influence on the polymorphisms ofC_3S.Doped with 0.5%CuO main stable C3S crystal structure of T3.Doped CuO cause crystal structure defects of C_3S,thereby increasing the C3S hydration activity.When added 0.5%CuO can promote the hydration activity of C_3S solid solution,especially the later stages of C_3S hydration,28d compressive strength of C_3S with 0.5%CuO is up to 114 Mpa.In the case of larger CuO dosage,the Cu(OH)_2 are formed in the slurry along with the process hydration of C_3S solid solution and hydration of C_3S are delayed largely.Therefore,the incorporation of the appropriate amount of CuO can contribute the formation of C_3S, promote the hydration of C_3S and improve the properties of C_3S. Originality This paper introduces the different content of copper ion to regulate the C3S mineral phase,improve the clinker hydration activity and establish the relationship between the microstructure of C_3S and the hydration activity.


tricalcium silicate;;CuO;;crystal structure;;hydration


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