Resistance Against Sulfate Attack of Cement Mortar Blended with Ultrafine Blast-Furnace Slag Powder


Zhihua Pan;Shuhui Guo;Xuebing Wang;Jun Zhang;Weiqing Liu;


<正>Sulfate attack is one of the most important factors influencing the durability of cement concrete,and is especially taken attention while cement concrete is supposed to be used for constructions under sea water or underground engineering.Changes of the physical properties of the cement mortars prepared from Portland cement and those blended with appropriate amount of ultrafine granulated blast-furnace slag exposed to different sulfate solution environment were investigated and meanwhile,the composition of the exposed cement mortar specimens was also examined by means of XRD analysis.Results showed that the strength of the mortar specimens blended with 15%and 25%ultrafine granulated blast-furnace slag increased as compared with that of the reference Portland cement mortar specimen,and their resistance against sulfate attack tended to be improved when they were immersed in Na_2SO_4 or MgSO_4 solutions whereas it tended to be worsened when they were immersed in(NH_4)_2SO_4 solution.XRD analysis on the hardened cement paste revealed that formation of Ca(OH)_2 in hardened cement paste specimens with slag addition was found obviously reduced as compared with that of Portland cement,more gypsum was detected to be formed in the specimens immersed in (NH_4)_2SO_4 solution as compared with those specimens immersed in Na_2SO_4 or MgSO_4 solutions,ettringite was found to be formed in almost all the sulfate solution immersed specimens.


ultrafine slag;;cement mortar;;sulfate attack;;resistance coefficient


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