Impact of Triisopropanolamine and Glucose on the Hydration of Portland Cement


Hong Huang;Xiaodong Shen;Xin Xie;


<正>The study focused on the hydration mechanism of a P.11 52.5R cement treated by triisopropanolamine(TIPA) or glucose and the both.The calorimeiry test showed the combination of TIPA and the glucose significantly enhanced the hydration degree of cement at 28 days.The XRD analysis confirmed that the addition of glucose strengthened C4AF dissolution by TIPA.The accelerated C_4AF hydration yielded the reduction of CH content and the increased amount of chemical combined water. Furthermore study showed the addition of TIPA was able to favor the formation of carboaluminate and the AFm phase when the limestone was in the presence of cement.




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