Influence of High Alite Clinker on the Properties of Blended Cement


Norrarat Siribudhaiwan;Daiki Atarashi;Nobukazu Nito;Masahiro Miyauchi;Etsuo Sakai;


<正>From previous study,we successfully made high alite cement as trial cement in actual cement plant.The research on hydration reaction of high alite cement together with blended materials was carried on.Results showed that high alite blended cement have higher hydration reaction,which was confirmed by heat liberation from calorimeter. And Ca(OH)_2(CH) amount was confirmed to be higher than those of OPC.In this research we focused on study the properties of blended high alite cement,which includes microstructure of hardened samples hydrated at different period of time and porosity which related to strength of materials.Rheological properties will also being study in High Alite cement.Microstructure of hardened samples was studied by using Mercury Intrusion Porosity(MIP) method Results from porosity test showed that high alite blended cement,at 20%FA,20%BFS and 50%BFS replacement,had total pore volume nearly equal to those of OPC at the same hydration time.Since the porosity of porous materials is related to compressive strength,we can concluded that high alite blended cement should have compressive strength equal to OPC.However pore she distribution in high alite blended cement was different from those of OPC;this might be the result from different microstructure that appeared in hardened samples that was found in SEM image.Further result on rheology test shows that high alite cement has lower fluidity compared with OPC under same mixing condition.The influence of different blended materials(FA and BFS) and chemical additives will be held to study in future work. Originality The reduction of CO_2 emission and waste management are both concerned in cement industry.In order to achieve both goals,blended cement is one of the ways that we are considered to have effect on reducing the usage of clinker and increasing the amount of waste that can be mixed in cement.Blended cement has the large problem on early strength.Many blended materials such as fly ash(FA) and blastfurnace slag(BFS) have been used in this kind of cement.However,in Japan the usage of FA cement is still low (according to JIS) and high amount of BFS usage can cause crack in concrete.In order to increase the amount of admixture,such as FA and BFS,it is important that the amount of Alite(C_3S),which effects early strength of cement,is also increased.


high alite cement;;blended cement;;fly ash;;blast furnace slag;;hydration


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