Effect of Using Mineral Admixtures as Cement Replacement Materials on Permeation Properties of High Strength Concrete


Liaqat Qureshi;Nosheen Latif;


<正>In this paper,effect of adding mineral admixtures as cement replacement materials on compressive strength of concrete is studied Fly ash,Ground granulated blastfurnace slag(GGBFS) and Silica fume were used as cement replacement mineral admixtures. Concrete mix.design was carried out to produce concrete of 62 MPa compressive strength.Askari brand cement was used and first of all its quality tests like consistency, setting time,soundness,fineness,specific gravity and compressive strength were carried out.Mineral admixtures in primary,binary and ternary combinations were used as cement replacement materials and concrete samples were cast as per British Standard For each mix.,150 mm x 150 mm x 150 mm cubes were cast to check their compressive strength.Water permeability for these mixes was measured by casting cubes of 3.875// x 3.875//x 6/7 & 5.875// x 5.875//x 6/1 size and cylinders of 3.8751 x 6//Φ& 3.875 x 6/Φsize.Sorptivity test was also carried out on concrete samples(03.937 x 1.968//) as a relative measure of permeability.Results were plotted and discussion made keeping in view the previous research on topic.It was concluded that permeation properties of high strength concrete improves and greatly depends on type and amount of mineral admixtures used Originality In recent years,the use of mineral admixtures' as partial replacement of cement in mortar and concrete has been increased a lot in order to provide greater sustainability in construction and also to get benefit from their effectiveness with regard to cost, environmental impact,durability,and performance.Different mineral admixtures like Silica fume.Fly ash,Metakaoline.Blast furnace slag,Bentonite,etc have been separately used as cement replacement materials.Some researchers have used these mineral admixtures in binary(2 component),ternary,and quaternary cementitious blends to improve the characteristics of concrete.The first originality of this research lies in the fact that three types of mineral admixtures i.e.,Fly ash,Silica fume and GGBFS have been used in combinations.Secondly characteristics of high strength blended concrete cast by using indigenous materials have been investigated.


mineral admixture;;cement replacement;;silica fume;;GGBFS;;fly ash;;permeability;;sorptivity


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