Carbonation of Layered Double Hydroxides and Its Effects on the Carbonation Resistance of Concrete


Wei Chen;Xiaoxing Chen;Juntao Ma;


<正>Carbonation has been proven to be one of the major determination risks of modern concrete due to the common use of large volume supplementary materials such as fly ash and ground granulated blastfurance slag.Layered double hydroxides are a family of minerals with layered structure which can exchange anions with the environment.The anion exchange capability gives the layered double hydroxides the possibility to immobilize carbon and to prevent carbonation of concrete.Carbonation of layered double hydroxides treated with different techniques and that of the modified concrete are studied in this study.The compositional change and carbonation resistance of concrete are tested experimentally,followed by microstructural investigations of the mechanisms. The results have shown that the layered double hydroxides can improve the carbonation resistance of cement concrete by immobilizing carbon ingression into the concrete,and hence mitigate the risk of carbonation of concrete.


Layered double hydroxides;;Carbonation;;Immobilization;;Microstructure


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