Influence of Anhydrite Powder on Performance of Cement Mortar with Slag under Different Curing Conditions


Zhengwu Jiang;Xifan Yan;Zhengcheng Yuan;Lei Zhou;


<正>Anhydrite powder is a new type of admixture used in concrete constructions.However, anhydrite powder can not be added in the fresh mixture alone but should be with other minerals supplementary additives like slag,which is supposed to be with potential activity of chemical reaction.In this paper,the effect of anhydrite powder on activating slag to take part in hydration of cement was investigated under different curing conditions from the mechanical strength of the mortar specimens.The results demonstrated that the activity of slag can be activated by anhydrite powder,particularly on the condition of steam curing compared with that of the standard curing.The addition of anhydrite powder is beneficial to the development of the flexural strength and compressive strength of cement mortar on this condition within certain content,which can be time and energy saving for stem curing.The proportion between slag and anhydrite powder is recommended to be 1:5 for practical application according to the present study. Originality Lots of researchers have studied the effect of grinding aids and activator on active excitation of slag powder.But there are only few studies focused on anhydrite powder activating the activity of slag powder in the concrete.This paper studies the effect of anhydrite powder on performance of cement mortar mixed with slag powder under different curing conditions.Through experimental analysis,the activity of slag powder can be activated by anhydrite powder.


anhydrite;;slag;;activate;;steam curing;;concrete


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