Research on Preparation and Property of Non-calcined FGD Compound Cementitious System


Zhenping Sun;Jing Liu;Huihao Huang;


<正>This paper studied the mechanical property of non-calcined flue gas desulphurization gypsum(FGD)compound cementitious system composed by FGD,ground granulated blast-furnace slag and Portland cement by exploring the influence of mix proportions and curing regimes on its strength development;Analyzed the hydration products and micro structure of FGD compound cementitious system.The mechanical property test results showed that the 4.5-5-0.5 system(which was shorten for FGD compound cementitious system with 45%FGD,50%ground granulated blast-furnace slag powder and 5%cement in mass) was optimal for strength at standard curing and optimal strength developing curve was acquired by 4-4-2 system steam cured at 60 V.XRD analysis indicated that steam curing accelerated hydration but without changing hydration products in FSCM.SEM analysis showed that C-S-H gel with crumple foil morphology was filled with strength-favored ettringite and gypsum crystal to form dense microstructure,while steam curing caused more micro defects leading to delayed ettringite formation in 4.5-5-0.5 system;Compared with standard curing steam curing gived rise on amount of hydration products incorporating ettringite as well as density of microstructure. Originality Since stockpiles of Wet FGD,a industrial by-product from coal-fired power plants, surged in recent years,it will be on the top list of our national agenda to widen efficient applications of FGD as resource.This paper designed a kind of non-calcined FGD composite cementitious system.This research could make use of lots of non-calcined FGD.Moreover,the non-calcined FGD composite cementitious system had hydraulicity and more excellent mechanical properties than gypsum.It could be used in preparation of insulation mortar,block and so on.


FGD;;compound cemenlilious system;;steam curing;;durability


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