Properties of Blast-Furnace Slag Cement with Different Chemical Composition and Fineness


Shingo Mivazawa;Takashi Yokomuro;Etsuo Sakai;Atsushi Yatagai;Nobukazu Nito;Kiyoshi Koibuchi;


<正>Blast-furnace slag(BFS) cement has widely been used in Japan for concrete structures and its yearly consumption accounts for about 20%of the total cement used in Japan. Commercial BFS cement,in which BFS content generally ranges from 40%to 45%,has been often used for civil engineering structures from environmental point of view.On the other hand BFS cement has rarely been used for reinforced concrete buildings,because early-age strength development of BFS cement concrete is slower than ordinary Portland cement concrete.In this study,the effects of chemical composition of clinker and fineness of BFS on the properties of concrete were experimentally investigated. Some clinkers with C_3S content ranging from 59%to 71%were manufactured in a cement plant,and the effect of mineral composition of clinker on properties of BFS cement concrete was investigated with laboratory tests.From the experiments,it was proved that early-age compressive strength of concrete with BFS cement was improved by increasing C3S content,especially at low temperature.It was also found that C3S content of BFS cement did not have great influence on accelerated carbonation depth. Originality The purpose of this study is to propose low-carbon type cement by developing BFS cement which can be widely used for concrete structures including reinforce concrete buildings.In the experiments,the cement clinkers with C3S content ranging from 59 to 71%were manufactured in a cement plant for making prototype BFS cements.Effects of chemical composition of clinker on early-strength development and carbonation rate of BFS cement concrete were experimentally investigated.


Blast-furnace slag cement;;Clinker;;Mineral composition;;Compressive strength;;Carbonation


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