Compressive Strength of Mortar with Internal Curing Agent


Xueying Li;Shuang Lu;Zheng Wang;Qinglin Yu;


<正>In thispaper,compressivestrength of mortar from Mays to 90days is studied by adding super absorbent polymer(SAP) and mineral admixture.Two water adding ways,with additional water and without additional water,were employed.Test results show that some strength of mortar decreased slightly when SAP was added by small dry powder without additional water.While,when the super absorbed polymer content is appropriate,the strength of mortar can be increased.When the additional water is added compressive strength decreased with the increment of super absorbed polymer content at the same age.However,for the cement mortar,the strength of mortar decreased more at early age(30.8%at age of 3days) and less at old age(6.5%at age of 90days).For the fly ash-cement mortar,the reduction percent of compressive strength is similar at early age and old age.For the slag-cement mortar,the influence of super absorbed polymer on compressive strength of mortar is similar to the cement mortar, but the decrease proportion is lower.For the different cementious materials system,the adding content of super absorbed polymer and adding way were employed to access the responding strength. Originality Super absorbent polymer(SAP)can absorb water and release water to provide for the hydration of cementious materials and was used It is obtained that the influence law of SAP on the compressive strength of mortar made with different cementious materials. Two water adding ways were employed in this study.For the cement-fly ash system, without additional water,0.4%SAP can improve the compressive strength of mortar. With additional water,the strength decrease ratio is low compared with cement mortar. For the cement-slag mortar,without additional water,SAP has an increment on the later compressive strength after 7days.


mortar;;compressive strength;;internal curing;;fly ash;;slag


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