Research on High Strength Alite-rich Portland Clinker in Industrial Process


Zongfu Guan;Xiaoying Li;Xiangxiang Chen;


<正>Designed high lime saturation factor(KH),high silica modulus(SM) and moderate iron modulus(IM),the high strength alite-rich portland clinker(HSARPC) was manufactured in a precalcining kiln,which proportioned with some mine residues nearby the manufacturer.Petrographic ultrastructure of the clinker was analyzed with a reflecting microscope(RM).The results showed:the multiple ions composite doping,which provided by the mine residues,could enhance the activity of C_3S and the burnability of the clinker.Proportion with the mine residues,the raw meal had a good adaptability with kiln system.Compared with normal manufacture before the experiments,the designed proportion made the kiln without reducing system output and without increasing the heat consumption.The abnormally state of the kiln,such as the fly sand and ringing formation were reduced than that of original normal production.Under the normal production conditions,this proportion scheme could manufature high strength alite-rich portland clinker,whose 28-day compressive strength can reach 68.0 MPa and above.The technical route of manufacture HSARPC with composite doping with specific industrial residues is feasible.


high strength alite-rich portland clinker;;mine residues;;multiple ions composite;;doping;;strength


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