Experimental Method and Prediction Model for Autogenous Shrinkage of High Performance Concrete


Zonglin Wang;Guodong Li;


<正>This paper presents the experimental results and prediction model for autogenous shrinkage(AS) of high performance concrete(HPC) with various water to cementitious materials ratios(w/cm),the replacement ratio of fly ash(FA),air content(AC),and aggregate to cementitious materials paste ratios(ACMR).These results are based on an experimental method for AS in HPC with a mold of low-density flexible corrugated pipe (LDFCP),which can continuously and automatically lest AS after adding water.The results demonstrate the simplicity and accuracy of this experimental method.HPC with FA exhibited smaller AS than ordinary concrete with no FA with the same w/cm and higher replacement ratios of FA resulted in less AS.For the same content of FA,larger values of w/cm yielded less AS.The effect of AC on AS was optimum content,and the effect of ACPR was an inverse ratio.A proposed prediction model can be successfully used to estimate the effects of w/cm,FA,AC and ACPR on the development of AS in HPC.


high performance concrete(HPC);;autogenous shrinkage(AS);;experimental method;;prediction model


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