Influence of Triethanolamine on the Hydration and Strength Development of Cementitious Systems


Xiangming Kong;Zhenbao Lu;Hui Liu;Dongmin Wang;


<正>This paper systematically investigates the influence of TEA at varied dosages on the strength development of pure cement pastes and fly ash cement pastes.Techniques including mercury intrusion porosimetry(M/P),X-ray diffraction(XRD), ihermogravimelric analysis(TGA),scanning electron microscopy(SEM),and isothermal calorimetry were employed to characterize the microstructure of hardened cement pastes,and to monitor the cement hydration process with the aim of correlating strength variations with microstructural changes caused by TEA addition.Results show that 0.03%-0.1%addition of TEA visibly enhances the early strength but decreases the compressive strength after 3 days.High dosage of TEA(1%) leads to a sharp decrease in 28 day strength for both PC and FAC pastes.Mechanistic explanations on why TEA acts differently on strength growth at different dosages and ages are given by disclosing the impacts of TEA on the hydration kinetics,pore structure,composition and morphology of hydration products. Originality 1.TEA <0.1%elevate early strength of pure cement paste,but lowers it after 3d 2.1%dosage of TEA leads to big decreases in 28d strength for PC and FAC pastes 3.The pore structure of hardened pastes are affected by the addition of TEA 4.TEA increases the hydration degree but reduces the measured CH content 5.The addition of TEA extremely altered the morphology of Ca(OH)_2 crystals


Triethanolamine;;Cement paste;;Strength;;Hydration;;Microstructure


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