Effect of Glass Powder on Microstructure of Pastes


Shuhua Liu;Guoshuai Xie;Shu Wang;


<正>The effect of glass powder on microstructure of pastes was studied by using mercury intrusion porosimetry(MP),thermo gravimetric and differential thermal analysis (TG-DTA),scanning electron microscopy(SEM),energy dispersive spectrum analysis (EDX) and X-ray diffraction(XRD) techniques in this paper.The test results of MIP indicated that with the increase of the glass powder amount,the characteristic pore sizes decreased to some degree with some capillary pores transforming to interstitial pore or gel pore.This trend exhibited more distinct at late hydration age.Overall,the addition of glass powder could minish pore size in pastes,which had important significance to improve materials' durability.The test results of XRD,TG-DTA,SEM and EDX showed incorporating glass powder in cement-based materials had little effect on the lands of hydration products,but it significantly affected the amount of hydration products, especially for CH.As time increased the amount of calcium hydroxide(CH) decreased for specimens containing waste glass,which exhibited more distinct in steam curing condition As the amount of glass powder increased the amount of CH also decreased The microstructure of harden pastes containing glass powder was relatively dense with abundance of calcium silicate hydrate(C-S-H) existing.The CS-H gel had a low C/S with some alkalis absorbed in.Besides,pozzolanic reaction was observed in the interfacial transition zone between big glass powder and surroundings,which leaded to the formation of a hydrated layer around the edge of glass powder with its interfacial bonding strength increased and thus the glass powder played a micro-aggregate effect.


waste glass powder;;cement-based materials;;hydration products;;pore structure;;mechanism effects


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