Cementation Process for Bio-Cement Binding Loose Sand Particles


Hui Rong;Chunxiang Qian;XinWang;


<正>The cementation proces fors bio-cement binding loose sand particles is researched by X-ray Computed Tomography(X-CT),compressive strength,porosity and calcite content respectively.The structures of 2D cross-sections at different positions in the same bio-sandstone sample for 0 day,3 days and 7 days are characterized by X-CT and the 3D reconstruction of the same sample are also investigated by X-CT.In addition,the microstructure of bio-sandstone with different ages is analyzed by means of scanning electron microscopy(SEM). The X-CT results show that with the increasing of ages,the defect in bio-sandstone is gradually filled by calcite produced by bio-cement,resulting that the pore is gradually decreases.The calcite content,porosity and compressive strength results analysis show that with the increasing of ages,the bio-cement produced calcite content gradually precipitates at particle-particle contacts and on the surface of sand particles,which results that the porosity decreases and the compressive strength increases:the average compressive strength of bio-sandstones could be up to 6.1MPa after 7 days and the porosity decreases from 43.2%(0 day) to 39.2%(3 days) and 30.3%(7 days).The SEM results indicate that the microstructure of bio-sandstones become increasingly dense with an increase of ages.


bio-cement;;cementation process;;X-ray Computed Tomography;;compressive strength;;calcite


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