Influencing Factors Significance Analysis for Performance of Cement-Based Biomass Materials Using Orthogonal Test


Jun Liu;Ouyang Peng;Runqing Liu;Hong QI;


<正>For improving the low interface cohesiveness and unstable physical properties of straw-cement biomass building material(SCBBM),the effects of additives on SCBBM properties are investigated using orthogonal test.Significance analysis is carried out for evaluating the effects of additives including aluminum sulfate(Al_2(SO_4)_3,calcium chloride(CaCl_2),ferric chloride(FeCl_3) and polyvinyl acetate(PVAc).The results show that,additives with appropriate types and mixing amounts can significantly promote SCBBM properties which are indicated by parameters such as compressive strength f28, softening coefficient n and dry-wet strength coefficient K.


cement-based biomass building material;;orthogonal design;;significance


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