Effect of P_2O_5 on the Solid Solution of MgO and Clinker Properties in High Magnesium Clinker


Zongfu Guan;Xiangxiang Chen;Xiaoying Li;


<正>With chemical reagent and industrial raw materials for ingredients,the effect of content of P_2O_5 and the species of phosphate on the solid solution of MgO in high magnesium clinker was examined by chemical analysis.Besides,the symmetry of C_3S was examined by XRD.The strength of clinker was tested at the same time.The result shows that:when adding suitable amount of CaF_2 in the clinker,composite mixing CaHPO_4H_2O or Ca(H_2PO_4)2.H_2O are conducive to the clinker in the MgO solid solution.But,adding CaHPO_4.2H_2O is more advantageous than Ca(H_2PO_4) 2.H_2O on the solid solution of MgO in the clinker.When the content off-MgO in clinker is low(<2%),the slightly change of content off-MgO is not the main factor which affects the strength of clinker. To obtain high strength magnesia clinker,single doped P_2O_5 require higher levels.In the case of the same content of F-,composite mixing Ca(H_2PO_4) 2.H_2O or CaHPO_4.2H_2O are conducive to high magnesium clinker late strength.But,the content of phosphorus ion exist the best dosage(0.2%~0.4%),too high or too low,effect is not obvious.Within the range of the experimental dosage,the change of symmetry of C_3S is the main reason for the change of the strength of high magnesium clinker.


P_2O_5;;MgO;;Solid solution;;Strength;;Symmetry


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