Research on Mechanical Property of Calcination-Free Desulfurized Gypsum Composites


Zongfu Guan;Yunhao Wang;kang Li;


<正>Studying mechanical property of calcination-free desulfurized gypsum composites by changing the hydration products and hydration products were characterized through DTA-TG thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction analysis.Results had snowed that the compressive strength of calcination-free Desulfurized Gypsum Composites can be up to 20.3MPa when 3%of cement were added The compressive strength of the composite is reduced gradually with the increase of cement content.Calcination-free desulfurted gypsum composites exhibits higher strength when it was cured in wet and hot than in water.It can not occur inteneration because of curing in humid.


calcination-free desulfurized gypsum;;strength;;mineral admixtures


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