Research on Water Resistance of Desulfurization Building Gypsum Composite Materials


Zongfu Guan;Yunhao Wang;Xubin Zhu;


<正>Studying measures to improve the water resistance of gypsum products by the use of hydraulic skeleton introduced in the desulfurization building gypsum and hydration products were characterized through DTA-TG thermal analysis and X-ray diffraction analysis.Results had showed that dry compressive strength will be gradually increased and the softening coefficient firstly increases linearly and then increased trend to flatten when lime or cement was added in both the gypsum-fly ash system and gypsum-slag system.Gypsum-slag system exhibits higher strength and better water resistance than gypsum-fly ash system when added the same dosage of cement or lime.Slag generates more hydraulic products together with dihydrate gypsum in the condition of hydration capacity of slag was stimulated under the presence of cement or lime.Thermal analysis and XRD analysis showed that the product has a large amount of dihydrate gypsum crystals,more CSH and a small amount of AFt.


FGD gypsum,strength;;mineral admixtures;;softening coefficient


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