Experimental Study on Carbon Acid Erosion Resistance of Cement-based Materials


Yun Dong;Lei Wang;Huaquan Yang;


<正>The effects of carbon acid erosion on the mechanical strength of mortars,the mass loss, microstructure and composition of various cement pastes were studied respectively,to reveal the degradation process and deterioration mechanism of cement-based materials. The results indicated that the carbon acid erosion resistance of the cement pastes was improved when less than 20%fly ash was used,the loss rules of fly ash-cement pastes in mass and compressive strength at various ages after carbon acid erosion were lower than that of the pure cement pastes.While the cement paste were more vulnerable to carbon acid erosion damage when fly ash content was greater than 30%.The carbon acid erosion occurred gradually from the surface to the inner part of the pastes.At the early erosion,the erosion products were mainly calcium carbon acid,as well a small quantity of SiO_2 and ferrite phases formed.After long period of erosion the C-S-H at the surface of the pastes suffered serious damage,and the main products of erosion were SiO_2 and ferrite phases.


Cement-based materials;;Carbon acid erosion;;Mass loss;;Strength loss;;Erosion resistance factor


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