Effect of Waste Concrete Powder and Brick Powder on the Mechanical Behavior of Cement


Xianwei Ma;Guoqiang Zhang;Liyang;Yao;Kai Zhu;


<正>In order to promote the full and effective utilization of construction waste,the effects of two kinds of ground powders from waste sintered clay brick and hardened cement paste in waste concrete on cement strength were analyzed in this paper.Results show that brick powder(BP) reduces the fluidity of mortar,while hardened cement paste powder (CP) increases the fluidity;Both reduce cement early strength but the suitable amount (BP lower than 20%or CP lower than 5%) can increase the later strength,and BF has a lager contribution to later strength;The strength of sample with 15%BP and 10%CP meets the strength requirement of 32.5MPa grade cement.


Construction waste;;Concrete;;Brick;;Cement;;Strength


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