Research on Progressive Failure in Internal Structure of Meso-Concrete Using Computed Tomography(CT)


Wei Tian;


<正>X-ray CT technique has become a main approach to detect the internal structure of concrete,and by using it the evolution of internal meso-crack of concrete is analyzed.In this paper progressive failure of the concrete subjected to uniaxial compression is studied using a newly-developed dynamic loading apparatus adapted to an X-ray CT scanning system.The concrete dynamic failure process is analyzed by using proper images and CT data.3-D concrete real meso-level structure is reconstructed by the X-ray CT images resulted from digital image processing.Finally,it is confirmed that X- ray CT is an effective method for researching the dynamic mcso-fructure process of concrete.


concrete;;meso-structural;;X-ray computed tomography;;image processing;;meso-fracture process;;three-dimensional reconstruction


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