Activation and Utilization of Porous Silica Fume in Cement Concrete


Ze Liu;Dongmin Wang;Shouqi Zhang;Tianyong Huang;Ningning Shao;


<正>Asbestos tailing is one kind of hazardous solid wastes from asbestos mining,which possesses potential detrimental effect on human health and the environment.The acid leaching residue of asbestos tailings,namely porous silica fume(PSF),can be employed as supplementary cementitious material blended in cement concrete abundantly to reduce environmental pollution and human health hazard.In this study,high temperature and mechanical activation were employed to prepare the PSF powder with high activity,and the activated PSF blended in cement concrete to investigate the relationship between strength of mortar and activation of PSF in Orthogonal experiment. The optimized activation process of PSF was heating temperature of 900℃,dwelling time of 1h,secondary ball milling time of 20min,and content of 5%.The highest compressive strengths of samples blended with PSF at 3d and 28d were 36.8MPa and 65.8MPa,respectively.And the highest flexural strengths at 3d and 28d were 6.7MPa and 10.7 MP a,respectively.The acid leaching residue of asbestos tailings is a potential waste material to be recycled and utilized in the cement and concrete industry. Originality ?Acid leaching residue of asbestos tailings was activated by high temperature and physical methods ?Acid leaching residue of asbestos tailings was firstly used in cement concrete. ?Relative high strengths were obtained by optimizing Acid leaching residue of asbestos tailings and applied in cement concrete.


Acid leaching residue of asbestos tailings;;Porous silica fume;;Cement;;Activation;;Strength


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