Investigation on Determination of Total Cr and Water-soluble Cr~(6+) in Cement Clinker by X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometer


Zhenzhu Ma;Ran Yan;Yubing Liu;Ping Dai;


<正>In this paper,the percentage of source of Cr in the cement clinker has been studied, based on the determination of Cr in cement clinker,raw meal and raw materials by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.Influence factors of the content of water-soluble Cr~6 in cement clinker have also been discussed in detail.The results show that there is no obvious correlation between content of water-soluble Cr~6 and that of total Cr in cement clinker.Determination of water-soluble Cr~6 is insensitive to experimental conditions.Hence,the dissolution results are the same with the EN standard even under the simple dissolving-out condition. Originality The Cr and water-soluble Cr~(6-) content in the clinker,raw meal and raw materials is firstly measured by X-ray fluorescence spectrometer.With the simple preparation method in this paper,the determination results of Cr are in good agreement with those obtained by the EN standard method


cement clinker;;total Cr;;X-ray fluorescence;;water-soluble Cr~6


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