External Sulfate Attack on Mortars:Products,Microstructure and Expansion


Kaiwei Liu;Min Deng;Liwu Mo;


<正>This study aims to investigate the degradation of cement-based materials exposed to external sulfate attack.Mortar specimens were prepared with W/C ratios of 0.45 and 0.55,and three percentages of fly ash,namely 0%,20%,and 40%,were mixed as replacements of cement.The specimens were cured in Na)2SO_4 solution with two different concentrations of 3g/l and 33.8g/l at 20℃.After different exposure time,the expansion, cracking and velocity of ultrasonic propagation of mortars were investigated to evaluate the sulfate attack resistance of mortars.The mineral phases and microstructure of the reaction products due to sulfate attack were examined by using XRD and SEM as well. Results indicated that the water to cement ratio influenced more significantly on the properties of mortars when exposed to higher concentration of sulfate solution.Fly ash improved the resistance of sulfate attack significantly,which probably attributed to the pozzolanic reaction


sulfate attack;;ettringite;;gypsum;;fly ash


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