In-Situ Investigation of Cement Hydration at Early Age with Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy


Deng Chen;Min Deng;Xianghui Lan;Liwu Mo;


<正>This paper presented a new method for investigating the early hydration of cement in situ with laser scanning confocal microscopy(LSCM).The cement sample with size of 35mm×25mm×5mm was prepared by compaction method.And the hydration process of cement was began to observe after adding the water in the compacted sample.The results showed that thin hydration products were formed when sample contacted with water for 4h.After 8h hydration,most of pores were filled by hydration products.After 1d hydration,the hydration of cement reached a stabilized stage during which the microstructure gradually becomes dense.After 3d hydration,some larger pores and coarse clinker particles were still reserved. Originality Many previous investigations have been conducted on the hydration of cement.This work presents a new method for pursuing the hydration of cement with laser scanning confocal microscopy(LSCM).The images of hydration products of cement particles evolved during the hydration process were presented in this paper,which were of importance to understand the hydration mechanism of cement.


laser scanning confocal microscopy(LSCM);;cement hydration;;in-situ investigation;;hydration products;;pores


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