Hydration Mechanism of Phosphorus-containing Cement Paste


Lilan Xie;Min Deng;Yufeng Chen;Jinhui Tang;


<正>In this paper,the hydration mechanism of phosphorus-containing cement was investigated by means of X-ray diffraction,hydration heat and SEM.The study results showed that the early hydration process of cement could be delayed and the total amount of hydration heat was decreased for the existence of phosphorus. Furthermore,with the content of P_2O_5 increased from 0%to 2%,the ending time of induction period was postponed from 2.17h to 3.72h,the ending time of accelerating stage was postponed from 7.38h to 10.97h and the heat flow was decreased from 2.06 mW.g-1 to 1.52 mW.g-1. Originality Some researchers investigated the influence of phosphorus slag,phosphoric acid and phosphates on cement hydration.This work concerned the hydration property of cement manufactured by the limestone containing phosphonis.The hydration process of phosphorus-containing cement was investigated in this paper,which can make a contribution to study the hydration Mechanism of Phosphorus-containing Cement.


phosphorus-containing cement;;hydration mechanism;;hydration heat;;microstructure


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