Effects of Lithium Nitrate on Mitigating ASR Expansion of Reactive Aggregates


Gen Li;Min Deng;Liwu Mo;


<正>This paper aims to determine the efficacy of LiNO_3 on mitigating expansion of mortar bars and microbars prepared with four types of alkali-silica reactive aggregates.Results showed that,for specimens prepared with Zeolited perlite,LiNO_3 exhibited good inhibition effects on ASR;however the content of LiNO_3 was insufficient,later expansion may be even greater than those without lithium specimens.For mortar bars and microbars with Fangchenggang sandstone,increasing[Li]/[Na+K]molar ratio contributed to greater inhibition effects and more content of LiNO_3 was better for ASR inhibition.For Jinping sandstone,the higher of[Li]/[Na+K]molar ratio,the greater inhibition effects were observed in mortar bars,but it showed no inhibition effects in microbars.For Lianghekou sandstone,if the content of LiNO_3 was insufficient,mortars and microbars produced larger expansion at late age compared to those without lithium specimens;indicating that LiNO_3 cannot effectively suppress the ASR expansion of Lianghekou sandstone for long term.


Alkali-silica Reaction;;Lithium nitrate;;Mortar bars;;Microbars


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