Effect of Corrosive Ions on C-S-H Gel Microstructure in Portland Cement/ Fly Ash Blends Pastes


Qingjun Ding;Zicheng Gong;Xiulin Huang;Yuxue zhu;Cheng wang;


<正>The influence of corrosive ions on the polymerization degree of C-S-H gel of port/and cement/fly ash blends pastes have been studied by solid-state 29Si magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR) and X ray diffraction technique.We immersed the hardened pastes of 50%fly ash-50%cement in erosion solution(sodium sulfate solution, sodium chloride solution,sodium carbonate solution) for 60 d at room temperature.The results show that sodium sulfate solution can reduce polymerizati on degree of silicon-oxygen tetrahedron.The existence of ions Na can lead more Al~3 entering into the layered structure of C-S-H gel.Comparing with curing at room temperature,the hardening paste curing at high temperature is more vulnerable attacked by SO_4~(2-) more easily,which leads to lower polymerization degree of silicon-oxygen tetrahedron.


corrosive ions;;C-S-H;;29Si NMR;;microstructure;;polymerization degree


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