Research on Influence of Temperature on the High Content Slag Cement Paste Hydration Product C-S-H Degree of Polymerization


Qingjun Ding;Zicheng Gong;Yuxue Zhu;Xiulin Huang;


<正>The influence of temperature on the C-S-H gel polymerization degree of hardened pastes of portland cement/slag blends pastes have been studied by solid-state 29Si magic angle spinning nuclear magnetic resonance(NMR).High temperature promote the pozzolanic reaction of slag.The C-S-H gel degree of polymerization,the proportion of Al~(3-) for Si~(4-) substitution and the degree of hydration reaction grows with higher temperature than lower.High temperature accelerated the development of the C-S-H gel silicon-oxygen tetrahedron by the the low polymerization state to a high state of polymerization.


calcium silicate hydrate gel;;degree of polymerization;;~(29)Si nuclear magnetic resonance;;blast furnace slag


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